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Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max Review | 2023

The iPhone 14 Pro Max, Apple's most recent and best smartphone this year, provides a solid overall experience. Besides the exorbitant cost, this gadget succeeds in many parts of cell phone utilization, including show, execution, and cameras.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max Review
Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max Review

This is iPhone 14 Pro Max unboxing video. If you want you can watch it.

iPhone 14 Pro Max Price in Sri Lanka


The iPhone 14 Pro Max has the same IP68-rated glass and steel chassis as its predecessor, making it difficult to tell the two apart from a distance. The button and port situation continues as before, with the lighting port being utilized. We anticipated that a Sort C port should seem this year, and there will be one year from now. The Max model is importantly heavier and larger. This sounds self-evident, yet perhaps I've felt as such since the helpful minimal 13 Star.

Perhaps the most remarkable change this time around is that the unmistakable wide score is gone, supplanted by a little pill-molded indent that conceals the sensor that empowers Face ID and an opening punch indent with a selfie shooter connected.

Many people, including you, have requested a more modest indent, and this tablet is Apple's response. They may be gulping unpleasant realities for a joke, however except if Apple can figure out how to scale down the inner equipment, it will scale the indent to this size disregarding the security guaranteed by Face ID.

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This is an excellent 6.7-inch AMOLED product that supports up to 120Hz LTPO. This time around, the brightness level has increased to 1600 nits, indicating that it is an excellent display. Extraordinary special visualizations and amusing to utilize. Presently Apple has additionally added the hotly anticipated consistently on highlight, yet to be perfectly honest, its execution isn't perfect.


Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max Review
Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max Camera

Snapper has a ton to say. The iPhone 14 Ace Max (and its more modest Master Kin) have at long last developed to a high-goal 48MP camera sensor. You can in any case get 12MP photographs, yet with binned pixels. There's likewise the choice to catch a full 48MP shot, However, you'll need to dive into the settings and pick the ProRaw design.

In terms of zoom, there is still the 3x optical zoom, but there is also a new 2x zoom option that makes use of the 48MP sensor's power to produce magnified images without sacrificing quality. And afterward, there's the new imaging pipeline as a photonic motor that commits better tones and detail.

Overall, the iPhone 14 Pro Max produces a lot of detailed, natural-looking photos, regardless of the lighting. I wish I could control the light flares better. It's important to note that night shots and digital zoom are handled better by the Google Pixel 7 Pro and Galaxy S22 Ultra. In any case, other than that, the iPhone 14 Ace Max is one of the most amazing camera-prepared cell phones this year.

As always, the video quality is excellent, and a new action mode gives the impression of a GoPro by smoothing and de-blurring the video. Selfie photography becomes even more effective with autofocus. The connections to some camera correlations underneath are intended to provide you with a superior thought of how everything looks at.

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On the software side, we have iOS 16, which is a new platform. Outwardly it is equivalent to the past cycle, yet it packs an adequate number of changes and highlights in the engine. Lock display customization is one of the most notable features. You can set multiple lock displays and assign them to various focus profiles with this.

The capacity to take video and photograph subjects and offer them straightforwardly to other applications, health and fitness modules, email, iMessage and that's just the beginning. To realize more, the accompanying connection has more subtleties.


It wouldn't be the new lead iPhone without another chip. Also, the A16 Bionic SoC will make a big appearance in the sister model of the iPhone 14 Genius. This new SoC utilizes 4nm assembling and is more impressive and effective than its ancestor. The A15 Bionic that accompanied the iPhone 13 Expert is as of now extremely strong and proficient at dealing with the most escalated undertakings, and the A16 Bionic offers a slight improvement regarding crude numbers. However, there is no question that it is a truly fit chipset that doesn't request more regarding execution.


Battery duration is still very great with the telephone having the option to go on about a day with moderate use. Nonetheless, the stacking speed isn't so quick, which is a piece disheartening. No charger is remembered for the container, however with an upheld charging pace of 27W and a viable charger, the iPhone 14 Genius Max is supposed to charge to 100 percent in a little more than two hours. Remote charging is likewise conceivable and MagSafe charging is upheld as in the past.

It is very small and light, but it cannot fully charge the iPhone 14 Pro Max and charges it slowly. It attractively connects to the rear of your iPhone because of MagSafe innovation, and it likewise goes through charging viable, so you can charge your iPhone (or another Qi-empowered gadget) while it's charging.


The iPhone 14 Pro Max doesn't seem like much of an improvement at first glance. What's more, for the people who have last year's Star model, it's truly not worth purchasing. However, the iPhone 14 Pro Max offers a lot to others. Although the initial price of Rs. 1,39,900 is certainly high, you get a good everyday controller that improves almost every aspect of smartphone use and provides an excellent user experience.

Costing this much, you additionally have the choice of going for the Android leader. The first to come to mind is the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and Galaxy Fold4. In any case, an iPhone is an iPhone, and Apple's best-in-class offering, the 14 Genius Max, says you don't have to request more.

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This is the table of the iPhone 14 pro Max Features

Feature Description
Design IP68-rated glass and steel chassis, similar to the predecessor. Lighting port. Small pill-shaped notch replacing the wide notch.
Display 6.7-inch AMOLED display with 120Hz LTPO support. Increased brightness up to 1600 nits. Always-on feature.
Camera 48MP high-resolution camera sensor (12MP binned photos). 3x optical zoom and new 2x zoom option. Improved imaging pipeline. Detailed, natural-looking photos. Excellent video quality. Selfie photography with autofocus.
Software iOS 16 with visual similarity to the previous version. Lock screen customization. Ability to share video and photo subjects directly to other apps. Health and fitness modules.
Performance A16 Bionic SoC with 4nm manufacturing. More powerful and efficient than the previous generation. Provides improved performance.
Battery All-day battery life with moderate use. Charging speed is not very fast. Supports 27W charging with a compatible charger (charges to 100% in a little over two hours). Wireless charging and MagSafe charging compatible.
Alternative Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and Galaxy Fold4 are mentioned as alternatives for Android users.

This information updated date 18/07/2023

iPhone 14 Pro Max price in Sri Lanka: Rs. 372,000 - Rs. 390,00

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