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HK8 Pro Max Review: First Apple Watch Ultra Replica | AMOLED | 2023

 Hey guys, Today we have the HK8 Pro Max with an AMOLED display. It is the first-ever Apple Watch Ultra replica with an AMOLED display, and it is just so smooth. The colors and everything are just so good in it. In this article, we are going to dig deeper and talk about every feature of the HK8 Pro Max in detail.

HK8 Pro Max Review
HK8 Pro Max Review

If you want HK8 Pro max, you can order it on AliExpress. (AliExpress is supported in 200+ countries, including Sri Lanka.)

HK8 Pro Max price in Sri Lanka: Rs. 11,800

So let's get right into it and review the HK8 Pro Max.

This is the unboxing video of HK8 Pro Max

In the box of the HK8 Pro Max, we get the ocean straps, a wireless charger, a user manual, and the Smartwatch itself. The Smartwatch comes in a 49 mm size and is made of titanium alloy. The case color is slightly different from the original Apple Watch Ultra, with a shiny appearance. Notably, the GPS antenna design is absent, and the additional holes are closed. The speaker holes are larger compared to the original Apple Watch Ultra. The Smartwatch is compatible with Apple Watch Ultra cases, fitting perfectly. Although the additional holes are in the same location as the original, the speaker holes are slightly bigger.

Features and Functionality

HK8 Pro Max Review
HK 8 Pro Max features and Functionality

The back of the Smartwatch features real screws, strap locks, wireless charging, and health sensors. The package includes ocean straps, trade loop, and alpine loop, providing options for personalization. The crown key on the Smartwatch is insensitive, lacking a clicky sound. The side key provides access to the app history, and the action key is used for sport modes. The Smartwatch utilizes the SF3 to LB551 chip, with a high-performance dual-core processor, Bluetooth 5.0, and dual Bluetooth chip for separate connections. It has 128 MB of memory for watch faces and 256 MB of RAM.

Display Quality

The AMOLED display enhances the black color and provides vibrant colors. The Smartwatch offers a smooth experience and animations, with a resolution of 425x520. Unlike the HK8 Pro Ultra, it has even bezels. The AMOLED display provides excellent brightness, making it clearly visible in daylight. However, disappointingly, the display time is limited, and an always-on display option is not available. The watch faces feature a sweeping seconds hand, interactivity, and locked customization options.

User Interface and Navigation

HK8 Pro Max Review
HK 8 Pro Max User Interface and Navigation

The UI of the Smartwatch is smooth and responsive. The home screen includes a quick access menu, notification center, and control center. The menu styles are similar to the original watch OS, with smooth animations. The honeycomb, second, and third menu styles provide different themes and interactions. The UI impresses with its similarity to the original watch OS and smooth performance.

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Wearfit Pro Application

The Wearfit Pro application, although functional, has been criticized for excessive advertisements. Customization options for watch faces are limited, with only digital clock styles available. Notifications sometimes present issues for users. On the positive side, the application supports NFC customization and OTA updates, and it features banner notifications and a red dot indicator.

Health and Fitness Features

The Smartwatch includes health sensors, but concerns have been raised about their accuracy. The compass feature works smoothly, and the weather application displays temperature values similar to other devices. However, the proximity sensor and wear detection may not function correctly.

Battery Life

The Smartwatch houses a 320mAh battery that provides good performance, especially without the always-on display option. Continuous connection to a smartphone resulted in minimal battery drain. However, using the always-on bright option noticeably impacted battery life.

Overall Impressions and Recommendations

The HK8 Pro Max impresses as a replica, with a stunning AMOLED display and smooth performance. However, it lacks the ability to lock watch faces and the 12-hour format option. The Wearfit Pro application is functional but burdened with advertisements. Matte case options, smaller speaker holes, and open additional holes are suggested improvements. Despite its limitations, the HK8 Pro Max offers a great display and good battery life. For those interested in purchasing the HK8 Pro Max, the link can be found in the description box.


The HK8 Pro Max is an intriguing replica, offering an AMOLED display and a range of features. While it falls short in some aspects, such as watch face locking and display time limitations, it manages to impress with its UI, performance, and battery life. For those seeking a replica of the Apple Watch Ultra with a great display, the HK8 Pro Max is worth considering.

Here is the detailed table of the Hello Watch 3 review.

Specification/Function Details
Case Material Titanium alloy
Case Size 49 mm
Strap Options Ocean straps, trade loop, alpine loop
Buttons Crown key, side key, action key
Chip SF3 to LB551 with dual-core processor
Bluetooth Bluetooth 5.0, dual Bluetooth chip
Memory 128 MB for watch faces, 256 MB RAM
Display Type AMOLED
Brightness Levels Adjustable
Always-on Display available
Application Wearfit Pro
Health and Fitness Features Sensors, compass, weather application
Battery Life 320mAh battery, good performance

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If you want HK8 Pro Max, you can order it on AliExpress.

AliExpress is supported in 200+ countries, including Sri Lanka.

HK8 Pro Max price in Sri Lanka: Rs. 11,800

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