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Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Review | 2023 | Sri Lanka

 In the same way as other cell phones nowadays, Samsung's new lead, the S23 Ultra, consistently dazzles but seldom shocks. It's huge, strong, perfectly planned, and following half a month of testing the telephone, we floated among happiness, and this feels familiar.

Finally, how much this model will shock you will rely on how comfortable you are with the past model. It's one of the most amazing Android cell phones you can purchase, yet for those with the S22 Ultra in their pocket, it will be wild.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Review
Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Review

In this article, I'll share with you the remarkable features and detailed Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Review.

This is Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra unboxing video. If you want you can watch it.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Price in Sri Lanka

You can buy Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra online from the following websites in Sri Lanka:

The price updated date: 18/07/2023

Design of Samsung S23 Ultra

The S23 Ultra surely can't be mistaken for some other 2023 lead telephone, considering its looks.

What separates it from Apple, Google, and, surprisingly, Samsung's two other lead telephones, the S23 and S23+, is a complementary shape that is a lot squarer than some other new leader models. It's a piece greater and heavier than the Pixel 7 Master, yet dissimilar to, say, the System Crease 4, it's not excessively cumbersome with the eventual result of being a weight.

Samsung S23 Ultra's display

Maybe what I like best about the S23 Ultra, like last year's model, is its high-goal screen. The 6.8-inch board has wonderful varieties and differences for watching Netflix and gaming. A versatile invigorating pace of up to 120Hz gives you smooth looking at applications, rich brilliance, and amazing material input under fingertip tension. It's anything but an improvement. However, the screen is yet truly outstanding, the specs haven't changed from past models.

We stacked up Luke Skywalker's foyer fight scene from The Mandalorian and turned up the brilliance. The variety and detail were phenomenal, with profound vast blacks differentiating against the dazzling green shocks of the lightsaber, as you'd expect thinking about the OLED innovation. This is how a phone screen is made, which is great if you want to buy a terminal so you can watch shows on the train, on the couch, and in other places.


Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Review
Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Camera

The camera system is one of the major additions to this year's Ultra entry. Indeed, it presently has a 200-megapixel (MP) wide-point sensor. It's not the primary telephone to do this, but rather the outcomes are great and can be scaled and edited without losing subtlety.

The remainder of the framework on the new leader is equivalent to last year, with a 12MP super wide focal point, two 10MP zooming focal points, and a 12MP selfie camera on the front.

Samsung S23 Ultra Software

The S23 Ultra runs the most recent Android 13 programming variant called OneUI 5.1. When you first start it up, Samsung made it so that there aren't many unnecessary apps or software, and the icons are well-spaced and colorful. During our phone test, we didn't notice any software lag or stutter, and our app opens and downloads quickly.

It ought not to be that astonishing for anybody who has utilized Android previously. However, the settings truly do pack a few cool high-level elements. This incorporates a one-hand mode that makes a little reflection of the screen so you can swipe without going after your finger. I love having the option to expand the brilliance of my recordings for additional energetic varieties while playing them on YouTube, as well as having the option to tweak the S Pen. With "Air Actions," you can press apps without touching the screen. If your phone detects that the stylus is too far away from your phone, an alert will play.

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The S23 Ultra's high-performance 5,000mAh battery is the same size as the model from last year, but the phone's new processor makes it more efficient. Moderate use, for example, browsing email, watching YouTube, paying attention to Spotify, and looking at web-based entertainment, took something like a day to re-energize, frequently up to two days.

The 45W wall charger (sadly excluded from the container as the telephone just accompanies a USB-C link) charges 85% shortly for nothing and completely charges in 1 hour 30 minutes. The S22 Ultra's charge times are comparable to those of the new model, but the new model has a longer lifespan due to its support for 15W wireless charging.

Drawbacks of the Samsung S23 Ultra

The S23 Ultra is a major, weighty telephone, so if you incline toward a lighter, more versatile gadget like the iPhone 13 little or Pixel 6a, or on the other hand assuming you have more modest hands, it probably won't be for you.

Even though it is still very elegant, the design has not changed since last year. I value that Samsung has made a few little enhancements to the engine. However, I'm not persuaded that it legitimizes all the new promotion and showcasing.

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One of the best Android smartphones available in 2023 is the S23 Ultra. A superior camera and high-productivity processor are welcome moves up to this behemoth telephone, making it the most remarkable yet. Pretty much every perspective is great. However, what truly stands apart for me is the sharp showcase and awesome form quality.

Yet, likewise with the minor "refreshes" for the 2022 iPhone 14. However, with the expanded asking cost, we can't move away from the way that there's a tiny change from last year's model contribution. While the Samsung S22 Ultra is still in stock, we suggest you set aside a few cash and purchase that model all things being equal.

This is the table of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Features

Feature Description
Design The S23 Ultra features a distinctive, complementary shape that sets it apart from other flagship models, with a sleek and robust design.
Display It boasts a 6.8-inch high-resolution screen with vibrant colors, excellent contrast, and a 120Hz refresh rate for smooth viewing.
Camera The S23 Ultra introduces a 200-megapixel wide-angle sensor, accompanied by a 12MP super wide lens, two 10MP zoom lenses, and a 12MP front camera, delivering impressive photography capabilities.
Software Running on Android 13 with OneUI 5.1, the phone offers a clean and intuitive user interface with useful features like one-hand mode and customizable S Pen controls.
Battery With a 5,000mAh battery and improved efficiency, the S23 Ultra provides extended battery life and supports 15W wireless charging.
Drawbacks The phone's large and heavy build may not appeal to those seeking a more compact device, and the design remains largely unchanged from the previous model.

This information updated date 18/07/2023

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra price in Sri Lanka: Rs. 278,000 - Rs. 351,000

The price updated date:18/07/2023

I hope you love this article about Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Review. If you have any questions feel free to ask in comments.

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