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AMAX 3 Pro Review: Latest Model Smart Watch

 Today, we have an exciting AMAX 3 Pro Review. In this article, I will delve into features and functionalities of this smartwatch. Lets jump in and discover the features and capabilities of the AMAX 3 Pro.

AMAX 3 Pro Review
AMAX 3 Pro Review

AMAX 3 Pro price in Sri Lanka: Rs. 9, 600 - Rs. 13, 500

Unboxing video of AMAX 3 Pro

Unboxing AMAX 3 Pro Smartwatch

The AMAX 3 Pro arrives in an eye-catching package from the AB M3R flagship store on AliExpress. Upon opening the box, we find a set of contents, including a user manual to get us started, a wireless charger for easy charging, and two stylish straps - a Silicon strap and a Leather strap. Straps are interchangeable, allowing users to choose their preferred style based on their outfit or activity.

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Display and User Interface

AMAX 3 Pro Display and interface

AMAX 3 Pro sports IPS display that provides vibrant colors and sharp visuals. While the overall display quality is commendable, some users have noticed that text clarity could be improved. Nonetheless, screen's smoothness ensures seamless navigation and interaction with smartwatch.

Smartwatch boasts full glass front and stainless steel body, lending it elegant and durable appearance. The crown key enables users to switch between watch faces and access the menu, while the side key allows easy toggling of the display. On the left side, we find the speaker, while the microphone hole sits discreetly on the watch's body.

Watch Faces and Customization Options

AMAX 3 Pro Watch faces

One of appealing aspects of AMAX 3 Pro is it vast selection of watch faces. Users can choose from various styles, including list view and circular menu styles. Moreover, smartwatch supports "screen always bright" mode, extending screen-on time. However, it is worth noting that the "screen of dial" does not activate with the raise hand gesture, a minor drawback that may inconvenience some users.

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Notifications and Connectivity

AMAX 3 Pro Notifications and Call

The AMAX 3 Pro keeps users informed with its notification center. While it is efficient for most applications, some users have reported connectivity issues, particularly with apps like Facebook Messenger and Viber. The smartwatch vibrates upon receiving notifications but does not display the full content, making it challenging to read longer messages. However it does a job of alerting users about calls and makes it convenient to handle calls, through Bluetooth connectivity. 

Extra Features

AMAX 3 Pro Extra features

Apart, from its functions the AMAX 3 Pro also provides additional features that improve the overall user experience. These include NFC support for quick and convenient payments, a sedentary reminder to promote an active lifestyle, and weather updates for weather-conscious individuals.

Furthermore smartwatches enable users to incorporate QR codes for access and synchronization of their preferred contacts. Additionally, users have the option to customize their own watch faces using personal pictures from their gallery. However, some limitations exist, such as the inability to use pointer dial on custom watch faces.

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Health and Fitness Tracking

AMAX 3 Pro health tracking

Health enthusiasts will appreciate the array of health and fitness tracking options provided by the AMAX 3 Pro. With the ability to track heart rate blood pressure and blood oxygen levels the smartwatch assists users in maintaining their health. Additionally it offers a range of sport modes that enable fitness enthusiasts to monitor their activities.

Battery Life

AMAX 3 Pro Battery Life

The AMAX 3 Pro boasts an advertised battery capacity of 250 mAh. During testing, battery demonstrated excellent endurance, only losing five percent of charge during a 35-minute recording session. This indicates solid battery life for everyday use.

Features table of AMAX 3 Pro

Feature Description
Display IPS display with vibrant colors
Design Full glass front, stainless steel body, Silicon and Leather straps
Keys Crown key, Side key for toggling the display
Notifications Notification center for app alerts, messages
Bluetooth Calling Supports Bluetooth calling
Additional Features NFC support, sedentary reminder, weather updates, QR code integration, and synchronization of favorite contacts
Health and Fitness Heart rate, blood pressure, and blood oxygen level tracking
Battery Life 250 mAh battery with excellent endurance for daily use

AMAX 3 Pro Smartwatch offers stylish design, vibrant display, and host of features suitable for daily use. Its vast watch face selection and customization options cater to diverse user preferences. While some minor drawbacks have been noted, like notification display issues and potential sensor concerns, overall user experience remains positive.

AMAX 3 Pro is smartwatch that offers value for money. With its gift packaging and additional straps it's a choice, for those who care about style. So, if you're in market for versatile and fashionable smartwatch, AMAX 3 Pro may just be perfect fit for you.

I hope you enjoyed this AMAX 3 Pro review!  If you enjoyed the content, don't forget to share it with your friends and family. Your support helps us grow. Until next time, stay tuned for our next tech adventure!

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